Sometimes, I lose my guitar and have to figure out what to do with my hands while I talk about Jesus and his gospel. I love getting to preach and teach the Scriptures. I am constantly challenged to learn and grow as I wrestle with the text, work to make the gospel clear, show how it points to Christ, and apply it to my life and the lives of those who will hear.

Luke 4:16-30 “They Like the Church but Not Jesus” at Faith Presbyterian Church (2-12-17)


Acts 4:5-22 “Power Play: A Tale of Two Kingdoms” at Faith Presbyterian Church (8-7-16)


Romans 9:1-18 “God’s Election & Rejection” at Faith Presbyterian Church (4-3-16)


Romans 5:1-11 “Rejoicing in Our Justification” at Faith Presbyterian Church (2-21-16)


2 Kings 2 “When God Takes Away” at Pursuit Church (8-31-14)


Matthew 6:24-34 “Finding a Faithful Father” at Pursuit Church (7-20-14)


Isaiah 55 “Respond to the Call” at Pursuit Church (6-22-14)


Acts 10:44-48 “When God’s Way Can’t Wait” at Pursuit Church (5-18-14)