Worship Leading

I started leading worship in high school not long after picking up the guitar. I have played guitar and bass in worship bands at churches for over a decade. Worship leading is about making the gospel the center of our lives. That is my aim each week as I stand before my congregation- make the gospel clear, personal, applicable, and beautiful. Kevin Twit of Indelible Grace puts it so succinctly when he says that the role of a worship leader is “to make Jesus more beautiful and more believable than ever before.”

All of My Hope is a reminder of God’s promises in the middle of life’s storms. You can read the story behind it and hear the preview HERE. Go download it HERE!

Come to the Table is a song I wrote for Communion. I was struck by Jesus’ statement about his earnest desire to celebrate this meal with his disciples. The song weaves together imagery from the Gospels and from Isaiah 55:1.

Come, everyone who thirsts
Come to the waters
And he who has no money
Come, buy and eat!

The Table of the Lord is an invitation to weary sinners that is meant to be a joyful celebration of our redemption in Christ.

His body and his blood
The bread and the cup
Come to the table of our King
Come to feast and leave redeemed

The single Come to the Table is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and other online retailers. For more info, click HERE.

Lion and the Lamb & No Longer Slaves are two great songs we have introduced recently.

Amazing Grace is perhaps the most widely sung and beloved hymn of all time. This arrangement is true to the original melody, with an added chorus I wrote to capture the personal implications of the gospel this hymn so beautifully describes.

You spoke in the dark and said “let there be light”
And the light of Your Son shone in me
You called to the dead and said “my child arise”
Oh, the grave had no pow’r over me
It’s amazing what Your grace did for me

Pure. Simple. Gospel. Nothing But the Blood is such a beautiful hymn.